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The Magical Day

We'd like to tell you all about our Magical Day...

About Marika

The picture was taken during my Spring Wedding in Italy. We were on one of the terraces at the restaurant on the Avigliana Lake, in the Susa Valley (Turin). My husband and I planned the wedding with the help of my family and my bridesmaid.  We got married in the little town in the Piedmont region where I used to live. My family, my friends, and my husband’s family and friends from the U.S came to celebrate the most beautiful day of our lives!


 A                 bout Silvia

When my husband and I decided to get married, we had no doubts about where we wanted to celebrate the most important event of our life: the beautiful island of Sardinia, where I was born and raised.

The choice of the church, the enchanting scenario of the coast, the warm and breezy weather, and the loving hospitality of the

people involved in the preparations made this celebration a unique experience for everyone.

We spent an incredibly fun week celebrating and vacationing. All our guests, especially the many who arrived from the USA, had the chance to discover the beauty of the island, its history, culture and traditions, and its exquisite food. Many years have passed, but for each of us, the memories still remain vivid.

The Wedding Favors' Traditions

Wedding Favors

Did you know that the first favors were made in France in the 18th century? Boxes with bonbons inside called "Bonbonnière" were offered by the spouses to their guests.

From the Middle East instead, the usage of favoring marriage was to offer almonds wrapped in a splendid fabric. Tradition has it that the bride must supply guests with five almonds, which represent longevity, fertility, wealth, happiness, and health. Almonds have been given to wedding guests for more than a millennium and mean all the wishes of the happy couple. Afterward, the almonds were coated with sugar to represent the sweet and bitter parts of a wedding.

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