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Our wedding planner team in Atlanta and in Italy will assist you in finding the right location for your civil, religious, or symbolic ceremony. The next step is a charming villa, a majestic palace, or other special venues for your wedding reception and party. Additionally, we can arrange a 'bellissimo' setting for your engagement proposal or your vow renewal. Italy is well-known as a preferred destination for honeymooners as well.  We will take care of every detail to make your day the most special one of your life.  Our fabulous Italian Ceremonies are everything you have dreamt of.

Wedding Aisle

Wedding Aisle

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

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Wedding Cake

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Wedding Decors

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Wedding Rites

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Wedding Day

Wedding Day


         Your Venue

We will help you to find the right venue for your reception and provide a premier level of service to ensure that all your and your guests' needs are met, no matter the size of the group.  Italy offers amazing locations for not only the day of the ceremony but also for spending time with family and friends prior to or afterward.

        Your Ceremony

We will be able to assist you with all the paperwork for any type of ceremony, from the civil wedding ceremony that is legally recognized in the United States of America, to a religious ceremony in local churches or other sacred locations. Blessings ceremonies without legal or civil restrictions will be performed by a Master of Ceremonies (he/she could be also a person of your choice), rather than a clergyman or state official. The ceremony suits couples who have already had a civil or church ceremony, but is also perfect for those who wish to renew their wedding vows. 

         Your Reception

We will take care of every aspect of your wedding day, from the florist to the musicians and the celebrant, not to mention the banquet, the dinner menu, aperitifs, the cake design, flower arrangements, photographer and video recorder, and more at the reception venue. You just need to relax, wait for your hairstylist and make-up artist, let them pamper you before the so desired “I Do” moment.

            Your Budget  

We customize every aspect of the event, which means that we have a special eye on your budget in order to meet all your expectations without wasting time and money.

         Your Rehearsal Dinner 

We can also arrange your wedding ceremony rehearsal, usually the day before, and a special dinner for you and your guests.

         Our  Vendors

We work with a concise list of trusted vendors. Their experience and professionalism make each event a great celebration. This allows you and your guests to feel pampered during your entire stay.  

        Transportation and Accommodation

We can take care of you and your guests’ international and local transportation, accommodations, and any additional excursion they would like to have during their stay in Italy.



Engagement and Vow Renewal Celebration        

For your engagement proposal, we can arrange a special event in a unique location - an exquisite dinner in a secluded restaurant overlooking the star-studded coast, or a serenaded gondola ride through the mysterious canals in the romantic Venice.

For your vow renewal, the location choices are infinite as well and the ceremony will be performed by a trusted officiator. 




Thanks to the experience and professionalism of Gone Traveling Tours, a Tour Operator specializing in European destinations (,  we will be able to arrange your special honeymoon setting, choosing from a rich variety of Italian and European cities. You can visit characteristic small towns or soak up the sun in splendid seaside resorts along the Mediterranean. Italian 'Citta' d'Arte' (the cities of art) such as Rome, Florence, and Venice are waiting to give you their special blend of romance and culture unless you prefer to relax in the quiet of the Tuscany hilly countryside. That could be another excellent option for you! But in case if you were thinking of visiting other European countries -- no problem -- we can arrange for you to honeymoon in Ooh-la-la romantic Paris -- for example!  If your binoculars are focused on some exotic dream destination beyond the confines of Europe, never fear—we will broaden the horizons and will take you there, too!    

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